1 February 2014

The importance of sleep... and Tetris.

This week, over coffee with some friends who also have newborns and toddlers, we discussed the amazing depths of tiredness we can reach sometimes.  As with every time we meet, some of us felt fine and some of us felt like death. It's the same every time we meet. It's never the same people feeling rough, but at least one of us will be totally knackered.

Knackered doesn't do this feeling justice. Extra Knackered (yeah, capitalised!). Obviously we're all tired all the time. I'm talking hands-shaking, unable-to-speak, crying-on-strangers, looking-up-the-number-of-the-adoption-agency tired here. It feels like you're on the hardest level of Tetris and all the blocks are stacking up and more and more are falling and your brain and fingers can't keep up. Y'know, Tetris Days...

EEEEEK! Does this make everyone else feel anxious?

BoyDad knows not to even try to make jokes on Tetris Days, because I'm so barely awake that I can't understand them. I had a Tetris Day this week. I actually used the phrase "I want my mum" at one point. I was a total mess and could barely get myself dressed, let alone two babies. But the very next day I had a wonderful day: I was on fire, I took both boys to a play group and then for tea with friends and we went for a lovely family walk in the evening. Being a mum to two babies was a breeze!

It's incredible the difference  just a bit of sleep can make. It turns your perception of the world. It changes me from a paranoid, pathetic self-pitying fool into a realistic, rational human being.

Here's an example of my thoughts about each of my boys if I'm Tetris tired, or just normal tired...

Boy2 on a Tetris Day:
He is referred to as "the baby" or "it". He is the source of all the world's problems. He also hates me and when he cries it's a personal attack against me and proves that I'm a failure as a mother.

Boy2 on a Normal Day:
He is known by his name, or poppet, or chicken. He is the apple of my eye. He only has eyes for me and when he cries it's because he misses me and wants a cuddle. 

Boy1 on a Tetris Day:
He has been sent to terrorise me. He never does anything I ask because he is punishing me for having another baby. I have ruined his life and he's too young to share his mummy with a baby. He has an unhealthy obsession with his Nursery Rhymes DVD and makes me watch it 20 times a day because he doesn't want to play with me. 

Boy1 on a Normal Day:
He's hilarious and cheeky and it's amazing watching him explore the world and trying to work out how to do new things. He only misbehaves when he is tired or hungry and he never does anything spiteful or mean. He is the best big brother in the world, and is learning lots about looking after other people and being gentle. He likes his Nursery Rhymes DVD because he knows it and finds it comforting. I like watching the same thing over and over again too, it's relaxing. 

BoyDad on a Tetris Day:
He thinks I'm a terrible mum and blames me for Boy2 crying and Boy1 getting upset. He doesn't pull his weight and my life would actually be easier if he went to work now. 

BoyDad on a Normal Day:
He loves me and does everything he can to help me and make my life easier. I don't know what we'll do without him when he goes to work.


So if you're having a Tetris Day just remember that tomorrow will probably be a Normal Day, the bricks will fall slower, your brain will work and your fingers will line the bricks up without shaking. And if they don't, call your Mum!*

*Actually, call my Mum, she's really good at Tetris!

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  1. So true!!! Oh my poor Erin does feel my wrath on tetris day. I'm starting to count down in my head a bit before I snap. Bless her #PoCoLo xxx

  2. Fantastic analogy! That's exactly how the bad days feel, and I only have one toddler at the mo :)

  3. That's such a good analogy, all the blocks getting near to the top...I shall think of you whenever I am having one of my regular Tetris days!! Hope today was a non-tetris day for you though :)

  4. Great analogy! I asked the ear doctor the other day when it was going to stop being so exhausting (as he also has three boys). He laughed and said, when they go to university. Gaaah! But at least we can cope with Normal Tired days. Here's hoping you don't have another Tetris for a while...! 6 weeks is a turning point. Xx

  5. Crikey - I had never thought of these types of days being Tetris days but you are SO right! Brilliant description. Great post. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  6. Thanks everyone! I haven't had a single Tetris day this week! Hurrah!