13 May 2014

10 ways toddlers are like dogs

1. You think you own them but they actually own you. 

2. They expect you to clean up their poo but they hate it if you look at them while they're doing it.

3. They require daily walkies.

4. You have to spell out the word "p a r k" because if they heard it, they'd be stood by the front door wagging their tails.

5. People talk to you in public if you're with one, but only about them. 

6. They are impervious to rain. 

7. They chase birds and never understand why they don't want to play. 

8. They get muddy paw prints all over your car and carpets. 

9. They have a food radar and miraculously appear at your feet begging for scraps whenever you eat. 

10. They wee on your sofa and chew important documents but you still love them more than your spouse. 


  1. Lol excellent observations...very true x

  2. When we had a dog and took her to dog training school, we were told to treat her like a 2-year-old child... So yeah, I think you're on to something!

  3. Lol, loving that pic of the him going after the chickens. As a dog owner, I can't believe I didn't spot the similarties between children and dogs before. So true! Great post as always love x

  4. So true! I'd still rather have a toddler over a dog - At least toddlers will one day be fully grown and out of the 'dog' phase! x