4 May 2014

Level Up!

Boy1 is 22 months old. I always thought it was silly counting in months for this long but now I get it. The 22 month old Boy1 is a totally different creature to the 18 month old version. He's changed, grown, moved on... He's levelled up. A few months ago we had only just started playing Super Toddler World... Now we're definitely on Level 2! 

Level 1:
"Awww, look at him in his new shoes! So grown up wearing proper shoes. Totes adorbs!"

Level 2:
"No sweetheart, it's really sunny and we're going to a wedding, you CAN'T wear your green wellies..... Oh, you are wearing them. Well maybe I'll bring your nice shoes with us?... No? Your nice shoes are in the toilet? Ok"
Level 1:
"He's walking! He's gone all the way into the kitchen on his own! What a clever boy!"

Level 2:
"Crap! Help me! He's made a ladder using a chair and his potty, opened the window and he's climbing out!"

Level 1: you can say what you like about where you're going, who'll be there and what's going to happen, he's got no idea.

Level 2: woe betide anyone who mentions feeding the d.u.c.ks but doesn't deliver!!

Level 1: "Look darling, isn't it cute how he actually sometimes watch what's on TV? I think he likes the bright colours"

Level 2: "No, we can't watch the Spaceman episode of Mr Tumble again because we're in Tesco. Yes we'll watch it later. Yes he does go VROOOM. Yes, when we get home. Yes AND Peppa Pig's car episode"

But it's not all mindnumbingly frustrating on Level 2! With the level up comes new useful skills...

Level 1: Lifting him to the top of the slide and sliding him down. And associated backache.

Level 2:  Sitting on a park bench watching him slide solo!

Level 1: "Stop wriggling, I need to put your shoes on"

Level 2: "Oh good! You've already put your wellies on"

But best of all is the new skills you get in Level 2 is the talking...

Level 1: "Guess what! He just said "apple"!!!!

Level 2: "Guess what! He just shouted "MUMMY DOES POO THERE" while pointing at my bum in the middle of Costa"

Level 1: "aww he's doing the actions to Twinkle Twinkle"

Level 2: "Listen to this: He's made up new lyrics to Twinkle Twinkle and they're about Granny and a dog"

Level 1: "hiya Dada"

Level 2: "Mummy, Daddy's got 2 meat balloons there!"

Level 1 was cute, but my god is it funny having a Level 2 toddler around! Keep it coming Boy :)


  1. If only we got a prize for making it through each level!

  2. So funny, as always. Great post and I'm so with you on the ladder fashioned from furniture and window climbing. xxxx

  3. TwoBoysOneMum7 May 2014 at 00:39

    Yes! We definitely deserve prizes! :) thanks for commenting :) x

  4. TwoBoysOneMum7 May 2014 at 00:40

    Thank you! :) The climbing is terrifying isn't it?!

  5. So true! The progression makes things so much easier because they start doing things themselves but they also say a lot more embarrassing things and even swear on occasion... !