4 June 2014

Why is George Pig voiced by two actors?

At 6am (on Daddy's away days) when my darling son climbs in to my bed and I'm feeding the baby, his little sleepy voice pleads "watch Peppa pig your phone now Mummy?". My heart swells with love and the prospect of staying partially unconscious for 20 more minutes and I oblige. 

Having watched every single episode twice now, the storylines aren't keeping my brain occupied in quite the same way they once did. My mind wanders. Mostly it wanders here... To the 2 voices 1 George paradox.

In Peppa Pig, Peppa's little brother George is voiced by TWO actors: Alice and Oliver May.

What the heck is that all about?!

Every other character has one voice actor. Some of those actors play more than one character.

Sometimes those characters have conversations. For example Morwenna Banks plays Mummy Pig and Dr Hamster the vet, so when Peppa's fish gets "sick", the uber talented Morwenna had to juggle 19 lines in one episode AND use two entirely different British accents! Alice and Oliver have 1 snort between them. 

Sarah Ann Kennedy plays Miss Rabbit AND her sister Mummy Rabbit. Must've been a tough day at the office recording the "Miss Rabbit's Day Off" episode for poor old Sarah!

Alice and Oliver May on the other hand... SHARE the load of voicing George, a little pig aged approximately 1 year with an average of 1 word per episode? 90% of which are "dinosaur".

To be fair to her Alice May also plays Rebecca Rabbit. But this doesn't explain anything. It just confuses me more! How come Oliver doesn't get to share Rebecca Rabbit???

Here are my top 3 theories about the "2 actors 1 George conundrum". These theories are entirely my own. I have had to concoct these by myself because even Google doesn't know! 

Theory one:
Oliver does the word "dinosaur" and Alice does the "snort"s. (In this theory, Oliver is a classically trained actor and it was in his contract that he wouldn't snort.)

Theory two:
They are conjoined twins, so they auditioned together and the producers couldn't choose between them and gave them both the job.

Theory three:
Alice does the new noises but Oliver did the original George snort so they have to credit him on every episode. (In this theory, Alice is bitter and resentful of Oliver's snort ownership).

Does anyone have any further insight into this mind boggling mystery?

Does anyone else care??

Does anyone have Alice and Oliver's email address so we can get to the bottom of this???


  1. Haha, funny write up. I have also been wondering the same.

  2. The chap that came up with the PP concept is, I believe, Uncle to these two kids -> so why not keep it in the family?

  3. This has been concerning me so much that I am searching the Internet for an answer and your blog came up...... without an answer! Please tell me you discovered the reason for this mystery? !

  4. Please tell me someone knows the answer to this!

    I've been wondering this for ages.

  5. I would have thought its because they are a certain age and need two children for the timings could be wrong though

  6. You're the type of Mom I need to befriend

  7. Listen to George cry. First lower pitch, then higher pitch. It kind of sounds like a different person. Personally I think it's brilliant.

  8. Hi, this is Oliver May here... I did the words and Alice did the laughing / crying noises as rob suggested. We weren't actors or anything, I was 7 at the time it started and as our uncle was one of the creators he invited us along to do some of the voices.