28 June 2014

My Acceptance Speech

Have you ever achieved something huge? Run a marathon? Or climbed a mountain?

I haven't.

But I often imagine how rewarding and satisfying it must be to work so hard at something for so long. To overcome mental and physical barriers. To push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of until finally, exhausted, covered in blisters and bruises, you get there. 

What a feeling that must be!

This might sound silly but I sort of feel that sense of pride now. That completely knackered euphoria of a major accomplishment.

Because this month saw the end of an era. I passed a milestone. I achieved something that at times I didn't think I could.

I survived 6 months of being a mother to two children under two.

I bloody did it!

My eldest was 18 months when I had my second baby. He was still a baby himself. His needs were no less acute than the newborn's were. He had to adjust to life sharing me and his Dad with a tiny, screaming, perma-suckling infant. They both needed me. All the time. 

The last 6 months have been hard. Seriously hard.

Sat on the floor at 2am trying to cuddle two crying babies hard.
Crying in a traffic jam while both babies wailed in hunger hard.
Taking the baby to my neighbours in my pyjamas because the toddler was having a meltdown hard.
Nearly giving up and going home empty handed from the weekly shop because the boy was throwing lemons at pensioners and the baby was screaming as though I'd abducted him from his real mother hard.

But, I did it! Now I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old baby. The older one can talk and (mostly) be trusted to walk on a pavement and the younger one can sit up and (mostly) feed himself. Life is getting easier.

Seeing as no one else is going to give me an award I've made myself this. It's an Award for Surviving 6 months of Having 2 Under 2.

Here is my acceptance speech:

"Well thanks, me! I AM a great Mum aren't I?
Obviously, I did most of the leg work here. The pregnancy, the labour, the sleepless nights, and the endless, ENDLESS breastfeeding. Despite point blank refusing to lactate, my husband has done his share too, whilst also starting up a business that, he assures me, will make us millionaires! I've also got an amazing group of friends who I would be totally lost without, and the boys have 4 of the most brilliant Grandparents a child could wish for.

But family and friends aside there are a few people I REALLY couldn't have coped without:

1. Peppa Pig. Thank you Peppa for allowing me to stay in bed 30 minutes longer than otherwise possible.

2. Mr Tumble (and Justin). Thank you for your vital role in signifying the end of the morning and being our cue for a calm and sleepy nap time. "You're funny. And you're my friend".

and most importantly...

3. Iggle Piggle. Without In The Night Garden, it's just not bedtime. My blood pressure palpably lowers when I see your little boat Ig Pig (I can call you that, can't I?). Thank you a thousand times for bedtime."

The real heroes:


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