24 June 2014

Babies Ate my Brain

Picture the scene:

The toddler is napping, the baby is sat contentedly chewing your car keys and you're washing up bottles. Life is calm for a rare and brief moment. Then suddenly your husband throws a curveball:

"Do you think Scotland should be independent?"

What?! Shit! An actual adult question. About current affairs. Quick brain, help me out here, what do we know about Scottish independence? 

*the postman pat theme plays in the empty space where my brain once was*

"Ummm" I reply "well..." Stalling for time.

Come on brain! We can do this... Nope. Still can't drag any information or opinion from the archives of my former mind.

"No?" ... Oh god I hope it was a yes/no question..  It was wasn't it?

"Really?" he probes "Why not?"

Aaaah! He's on to us brain. He knows we've got nothing to say, no grey matter left to think with. I've just remembered something about JK Rowling but was that for or against?

 Quick! Think something! Anything!

Then the baby whines and you're saved. Another grown up conversation avoided. Phew!

When my first son was born, 2 years ago an insane midwife told me that I must eat lots of meat, butter and cream for omega 3 because, via breastfeeding, the baby would eat my brain.

Yep. That actually happened. At University College London Hospital post natal ward. A qualified and experienced midwife. Words fail me.

Worringly, 2 years of almost constant breastfeeding later and my sluggish, dim-witted, baby addled brain is starting to think she was on to something!

3 years ago 

I was around 70% of my way through a masters in Children's Nursing (or was it called Child Health? I can't even remember!) I read academic papers and medical research nearly every day, analysed them and made brief notes to refresh my memory later while typing up my ideas. 

I felt frustrated at work with people whose mental arithmetic wasn't up to scratch while calculating complex IV doses. Numbers behaved themselves in my brain. 

I knew what was happening in the world, I had opinions and could take part in heated debates.

Then I got pregnant, and 9 months later had a baby, and 9 months later got pregnant again and 9 months later had another baby. 

I'm starting to believe that they HAVE eaten my brain. 

It might be the 3 years of interrupted sleep.

Or the lack of interaction with non baby centric adults.

Or a lack of practice at THINKING, communicating and learning.

Or the fact that my entire purpose and focus in life is now the 2 humans I created, who take up all my attention and thoughts. (Apart from the tiny space available for wondering about cartoon voice overs)

Whatever it is. The sharp, logical, quick brain I had 3 years ago has gone. 

This week I played a game of cards with my husband and father in law. It was whist. I struggled. At WHIST?! It's one of the simplest card games there is. My sluggish, hibernating brain couldn't keep up. 

I read some beautifully written, intelligent blog posts about feminism and had to read parts of them twice. My old brain could've crafted complex, well thought out arguments like those. This one struggles to read them. 

My dissertation is due in December and I'm going to ask for another extension. Partly because I still don't have time to work on it, but also, sadly, because I don't think I'm smart enough at the moment. 

I know my body is out of shape from 2 pregnancies, a lot of emergency cake and no exercise. I hadn't realised until now that my brain is out of shape too. 

So I'm actually going to start reading the nursing journals I get sent every month. Bring on the crosswords, the learning French podcasts and the mental arithmetic practice.

My gorgeous brain eating babies need a clever Mum before they overtake me in the intellect stakes! 

Say it's not just me? 
Your children ate your brain too right?? 

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  1. hehehe I kright! What happens to your brain after baby brain. There is no brain.... I have been brain training since the birth of my 3rd and final bubba. Mmmm not sure it is working lol