27 October 2014

Topsy is better than Tim

Are you Team Topsy or Team Tim?

Is your house feeling quieter these past few weeks? Admit it... you miss Topsy and Tim don't you? The series ended with the irritating, yet bizarrely watchable duo starting school and the acoustic slow-downed version of the theme tune made us all cry. (Don't lie! You cried when they started school just like I did!)

Since the weird sugar coated family of four have left our screens my boy has moved his affection to Grandpa in my Pocket. Obviously, I initially resisted the change but have grown to love him. (You should read this excellent blog by my friend Jess about the 7 stages of new CBeebies shows. It's too true!) But I really did hold a special place for those sickly sweet twins... well, one of them.

It's not just me is it? Who loves Topsy, but hates Tim? Surely.

Topsy is clearly better, cooler and funner than Tim. (She's so much funner, she'd deffo use the word funner... Tim would probably say 'more fun' because he's not as fun.)

Here's why I'm #TeamTopsy


1. The Memory Game Intro. When Topsy says "are you good at remembering?" and does the "are you good at remembering face"... NAILED IT. Honestly, I think that's the best 3 seconds of children's TV I've ever seen.
My husband and I miss this clip so much we regularly recreate it. Try as we might, no one does the "are you good at remembering face" like Topsy. #TeamTopsy.

2. Topsy can load a dishwasher. In Dad's Office, after breakfast, they both put their cereal bowls in the dishwasher... Topsy does this like a normal human being but Tim... Oh Tim.

3. In First Day, Topsy has to wear a cardigan with BUTTONS to school. Once again, she nails it. Beautifully buttoned cardigan.... Tim has a flipping sweatshirt to put on and screws it up. Seriously Tim... you had one job...

4. In New Bikes, Tim falls off his bike into a hedge and gets a thorn in his thumb. Topsy rides around the garden like an elegant swan (on a bike).

5. In Lost Cat, Topsy utters the immortal line "We'll call him Tiger Fluffyboots". Yes we will Tops! And thus was born the best name for an elderly neighbour's cat even invented.

6. In Helping Dad, Topsy a) is awesome at wallpaper pasting (my 2 year old exclaimed "WOW Topsy is REALLY good at paste painting" and he was right!) b) recognises her own father's failures and c) totally saves the day by calling DIY Derek. Tim is nowhere to be seen until Topsy calls him in as back up, when he basically does and says nothing useful for the entire episode.

7. In Sore Paw Topsy shows compassion, skill and excellent vetinary potential by getting a stone out of Mossy's paw. Tim doesn't.

8. In Birthday Party, Dad suggests engraves their birthday present (a wooden playhouse, which will last about 2 weeks because it wasn't even varnished) with T + T (for Topsy and Tim). Tim's friend who has moved away (probably because Tim is so boring) plays in it with them and then Dad suggests adding ANOTHER T, for Tony. What a cheek! Topsy shows huge generosity of spirit by not totally flipping out over the ludicrous suggestion that HER birthday playhouse be engraved with Tim's (ex)friend Tony's initial.

9. In every episode her hair is to die for. Oh Topsy. How I miss you and your awesome hair...

So tell me, are you #TeamTopsy too? (Haha! Of course you are.... no one likes Tim!?!!)


  1. This is genius! I have to admit, while I quite like Topsy and Tim (They totally reassured my son that starting school would be cool) I've never watched it with quite your level of commitment. Duh! Will be keeping a closer eye on Topsy from now on. She's clearly a future world leader, feminist icon and all round cool girl. x

    1. Thanks Jude :) yes they reassured my boy about preschool too. He used to say "I'm going to school like Topsy and Tim" :) ... And then cry when he got there! :-/

  2. Brilliant post! Topsy's definitely more sassy than Tim. Poor old Tim, all worried about starting school when his sister was bursting with confidence....but I didn't cry when they started school. Instead, I blubbed at the hanging baskets incident, when Topsy, Tim and Dad hung flowers up to surprise Mum when she arrived home from a stay at Grandma's....what a sap!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one to blub when they started school! Fabulous post, team Topsy all the way.

  4. Totally team topsy! Tim sucks! From Jocelyn Macnab (the girl who plays topsy)

    1. Seriously?! Has THE REAL TOPSY just commented on my blog?!

      OMG. This is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

    2. Yes that was her, she had 'permission', but she doesn't know you have replied. She's gone to bed now but we shall let her know tomorrow... Jocelyn's real M&D

  5. Thank you! We are very big fans here. My boys would be so excited to know that I had sort of chatted to Topsy... But I can't even explain what the Internet is, let alone a blog comment thread! 😆
    Anyway, we love your work Jocelyn! ❤️

  6. thanks. have you seen the new series. we're making one more ep. I'm pleased to hear you like the show! love Jocelyn (Topsy)

  7. by the way, the playhouse was varnished lightly... Jocelyn.