10 November 2014

Best Feeling in the World

I'm one of the lucky ones in life. In spite of my endless moaning about lack of sleep and inability to urinate in peace, I know I've got a pretty great life.

Today, if you'll allow me. I'd like to tell you about the best thing that's ever happened to me. 

It wasn't my first kiss, which happened to be with my husband and sparked a whirlwind slow-burn, predominantly drunken romance which continues to this day. The taste of cider and roll up cigarettes will always have a special place in my heart. As will the sight of a man in a wetsuit and tux. (He was dressed as aqua-Bond), but it wasn't the best day of my life.

It wasn't the day, TEN YEARS  later that aqua-bond proposed, on a cliff top, while we canoodled and shared fish and chips at sunset.

Nor was it the intimate elaborate home wedding ceremony in aqua-Bond's family home where we exchanged hand written, intimate vows of our undying love and I cried through an entire packet of tissues. 

The weeing on a stick and seeing two lines moment comes pretty close to best feeling in the world. (Well, for the first baby anyway... I knew what we were getting in to the second time!) No. It was special, but not this special.

The births of my boys, their first smiles, when they learned to walk. When boy one EVENTUALLY stopped calling me Daddy and then uttered his first "I love you Mummy". Those days were good, but they weren't the one.

No, the highlight of my life happened this week actually, after the most horrendous day involving a fight with aqua-bond where I threatened divorce while crying in the preschool carpark.

 Lying in bed that night he leaned in close, kissed me and uttered the most amazing three words I've ever heard...





  1. You. Are. Hilarious. hehehehehehe. PS, do you actually call him Aqua Bond?! Sounds like glue to use at bath time! x

  2. Fab post Amy! What a surprise ending, hilarious. Love the collage - maybe you could illustrate your book like this? Will have a think about anyone i know who could do it otherwise. xx

  3. Ha ha, this is brilliant! So glad he realised :-)