7 November 2014

Blogfest Preparation

Tomorrow I'm going to Mumsnet Blogfest 2014. If you don't really know what that means... Well, neither do I but I know I get to meet lots of very funny bloggers I laugh at (... with) on twitter and drink free gin (the gin IS free right?) and get a goody bag. Also I get a whole day without rug-rats in the big smoke!

So here's how I've been preparing:

1. Religiously checking the trainline.com to see if somehow in the past 25 minutes they have decided to cancel the replacement bus service and let me get home on a train. (They haven't.)

2. The "look like you do on twitter" emergency haircut so people have half a chance of remembering who I am when I gush all over them, exclaiming "Hi! How are Tom and Molly? Has your husband got over his athlete's foot yet?"

That's me. If you see me please be nice and try not to mention the massive leaky boob stains on my top.

3. Pack a bag with all the essentials a modern girl about town might need... A breastpump and notepad. Umm... What else do grown ups put in bags? Oh probably my wallet... and house keys. That should do it right??

4. Read people's blogs who you talk to all the time so you can remember their names, life stories and how many children they have.  Scratch that. No time. I'll just have to blag it. #blogblag

5. Get business cards with a fake name on. In case anyone, having met me drunk, wants to employ fake me to write a weekly, highly paid, blog of nonsense. This is definitely going to happen. 
(The fake name is so that patients, parents and people from work can't ever google me and find a year long backlog of my ranting ramblings).

6. Leave detailed instructions for my husband on the boys' new and frankly ridiculous nap schedule. Wish the poor man luck! 

Oh shit. I should probably look up where it actually is and print my ticket!

1 comment:

  1. You are hilarious. I love that you actually have a fake name AND you look about 10 years younger with your new hair cut! AND you didn't look old before! So jealous, wish I was going x