19 February 2015

Special Delivery!

Today the best parcel we've received in a long time dropped through our letterbox.

It came in an ordinary white cardboard box with some boring ordinary post...

But inside was a lovely little package of yumminess! 

That's right. A lovely little cake tin with ACTUAL cake inside!

I knew it was coming, but my 2 year old was blown away by the very concept that cake could arrive in the post. I think, without prior warning I too would have been crazy excited about getting a cake in the post! 

Baker Days asked me to review a cake by post for Mother's Day so I chose my favourite from a vast and varied selection of designs many of which you could personalise. 

I chose these pretty birds, and wrote my own thoughtful and kind Mother's Day message... 

It was perfect! Just as I had imagined!

I love the fact you can write whatever you like on there. You can even get photos printed on the cake. Personally I think a picture of our wedding cake, on a cake, would be a really lovely anniversary gift (hint hint). Or a picture of the happy couple to celebrate an engagement. It's like sending someone a lovely, personalised thoughtful card... MADE OF CAKE. 

There was just one minor issue. My beloved Mother has taken her babysitting self off to sunny Florida for the whole month! 

Only one thing for it... We had to eat the little beauty ourselves. 

Don't worry, I instagrammed her a picture of it first. Then we set to work...

It lasted all of 45 seconds in the hands of 2 little boys with a knife and very sticky fingers! (We saved about an 8th of it for Daddy after work.)

I didn't ask for a review from the boys but my 2 year old genuinely just proffered: "It's really soft and yummy". Out of the mouths of babes! 

It was soft and yummy. Just a plain, nice tasting sponge cake with a thin, soft layer of icing on top. I was really raving about it when I gave my husband his sliver but it had dried out a bit during the day, so he wasn't as impressed as me and the boys. 2boys1mum Top Tip: Don't save any for anyone else to eat.

I think I would have preferred the added treat of chocolate chip sponge (available for £1.50 more) However, even without the chocolate, I'd be thrilled to have one of these drop through my door. The letterbox gift sized cake is small enough for one but big enough that if you really had to, you could share (but don't).

The cakes also come in fruit cake and gluten free for all your dietarily challenged loved ones! More importantly, there is also a range of delicious looking cupcakes, which I'd be very happy to review another time. (ahem). Baker Days have so many designs and I noticed a fair few Frozen and One Direction themed cakes, which might be worth a look for your little (and not so little) one's birthdays. 

In other news the cake tin made a delightfully loud drum! 

Here's my baby multitasking eating cake and bashing out a drum solo using a butter knife! 

mmm, s'cake. s'nice. mmm. cake.

Baker Days sent me this cake for the purposes of the review but all opinions are my own (or those of my kids!)

If you want to surprise your mum for Mother's Day (or leave hints for your husband to surprise you) the full range of Mother's Day cakes are available here


  1. Cake through the door is pretty amazing! x

  2. Ohh yum! I am waiting for one of these to arrive.....hehehe
    I've tried them before and they are so good x

  3. Oh we had one of these for my girls birthday! SO CUTE! x

  4. Was it Frozen themed by any chance? :)

  5. Hahahaha! This is genius! What a great idea for a cake, and I LOVE that you ate it yourselves. Brill! x

  6. Dietarily challenged - ha ha! What a yummy treat, cute pic of your little drummer boy. xx