11 February 2015

We love Twinkle

Brace yourselves people. Are you ready to hear my amazing singing superstar in his debut YouTube sensation? Gangnam Style ain't got nothing on my boy... Check it out!

Oh sorry, I forgot to warn you it was SO CUTE YOU MIGHT CRY!

This sing-a-long video was made just for us and you can have one too! The lovely, talented folk at Twinkle will make a video to fit your child singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... even if they get the words, rhythm and tune all wrong (see example above!).

Out of respect for my anonymous Blogchild, Twinkle didn't say his name at the end of the video, but for you they can say a personalised message at the end like:

 "Thanks to Susie the singing sensation for that wonderful song"
or "Wow Joe! What great singing, Twinkle loved it"

... or anything else you fancy. Each video is reworked personally for you and your child. And all totally free!

If you want to make your little one's first ever music video like mine, just follow the simple steps in this link.

Making the video couldn't be easier. I simply asked my superstar to sing the song and recorded him using the voice memo function on my phone. This was take 2, as his first attempt had some crying baby backing vocals! Then I emailed it over to Ihearttwinkletwinkle@gmail.com and they had it ready and up on their YouTube channel the same day! (I'm sure they are a busy team though so it may not always be the same day!)

More about I Love Twinkle:

I Love Twinkle is an exciting new channel set up by 3 talented friends. They want to create a community and will create videos based on what their viewers like and ask for. Subscribe on YouTube or like them on Facebook to hear more about their launch coming very soon!

Here's their original Twinkle Twinkle Little Star so you can hear their wonderful music and singing without the boy's dulcet tones over the top.

I've had a sneak preview of some more videos and they are all beautiful and calming. Perfect for a little quiet time with the Ipad and a cuddle on the sofa. What's more, Twinkle is a multilingual star! The videos come in 5 different languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian and English) so they are brilliant for bi-lingual children or simply as a fun introduction to other languages. I especially love the Spanish version of Twinkle counting carrots... I don't know how they managed it, but even I was mesmerised! (Wait til you see it!)

I think I Love Twinkle is going to be a brilliant (free!) resource for parents. What's better than an educational, multinational, calming video to occupy your toddler while you make a cup of tea, or go to the toilet in peace? It's guilt-free screen time for your little ones and the best part is YOU can decide what comes next!

You want more counting videos? Just ask. Love the spanish carrots? Let them know!
Do you wish there was a "hey kids get dressed" song? I'm sure that twinkly little fella could come up with something!

I love Twinkle are an interactive, community based company and you can join the community from the start!

Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube today and be ready for the launch!

(I was not paid to write this post, but I do know Twinkle personally and when he fluttered his twinkly spanish eyelashes at me, I couldn't NOT blog about him)

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