10 March 2015

The Easter Story

Easter is coming, and aside from the annual inner torment of wanting to eat ALL the chocolate AND lose weight, I have a new concern this year. This year is the first year I might get asked the question all non-religious parents dread...

"What IS Easter Mummy?"
"Umm... I don't really know darling."

I literally don't know. Still, there's nothing you can't google is there?

Google's answer wouldn't wash with my 2 3/4 year old... Surely Wiki wouldn't fail me...

So, getting nowhere fast with actual research, we gave up and decided to just wing it. Here's the 2boys1mum Easter Story...

Daddy: "So basically kids, Easter is a story about a very special man. He was a really nice man and one day he had a big dinner with his best friends but one of them was a bit mean" 

Me to Daddy: "Let's not get too entrenched in the betrayal stuff, it's a bit heavy eh?"

Him to me:  "Uh.. if we can't do Judas, how are we gonna do CRUCIFICTION?!"

Me to him: "Oh shit, Easter is so harsh! Let's lighten it up...."

Me: "So after their lovely dinner the man and his friends went to see some bunnies!" 

Him: "Yes. And the bunnies were playing a game where they hammered eggs to crosses..."

Him: "And near the crosses was a special cave..."

Me: "Yep. There was... And Father Christmas was in there hiding behind a rock!"

Him: "With a dinosaur"

Me: "Yes, because this story happened a very long time ago"

Him: "And when the eggs fell off the crosses, the bunnies got to eat them"

Me: "And Father Christmas came out of the cave and the bunnies shared their chocolate with them because you should always share your chocolate"

Him: "And then any eggs that were left over got smashed up with hammers" 

Me: "and THAT boys, is why we eat chocolate eggs at Easter, just like the bunnies did in the story. The End"

Thanks to Cadburys for sending us a packet of creme eggs to play with! We had a cracking time!
(Damn it, it's just not possible to avoid ALL the puns!)


  1. I just want to live in your head. It's a hilarious place to be! x PS, need a playdate soon!! x

  2. Oh my goodness! Those photos! I know what you mean, it's a tricky one, I'm a bit worried about the whole Easter story, my son is a bit too obsessed with the nails in hands bit for my liking. Good luck with your version! It might just catch on. x

  3. I'm a bit worried that no eggs were eaten in the making of this photo story. Please tell me they were! Can't wait to see you! xx