22 April 2015

Knob review and competition

When I recieved an email a few weeks back from a lovely lady at Trinca Ferro I have to admit I was more than a little surprised. They said they had read my blog and thought my readers would be interested in their decorative knobs. Really??

I always work on the assumption that my readers are mostly my mum and people who like stories about how annoying having kids is. Where's the decorative knob/Cbeebies programmes cross-over?

So, as a joke, I asked the people who follow my Facebook page if I was wrong and they were in fact all mad keen on knobs.
Well I was as surprised as you will be to hear that people responded in their droves to say they ADORE decorative knobs. (Alright, 6 people). So here we are: 2boys1mum does knobs. And as a special treat, just for you my knob crazed readers, I'm running a Facebook competition in which you can win your very own set of 6 decorative knobs of your choosing!

It's fair to say that 80% of my decision to review these knobs was because knob jokes make me laugh. I hadn't anticipated my half-arsed parenting blog* would ever go down the home interiors route, but c'mon... knobs! I just had to.

*(Blog about half-arsed parenting, not half-arsed blog about parenting... alright both.)

I trawled the site choosing my 6 knobs, predominantly based on their names. 



Glass milk cravo round swirl knob
. (I just enjoy the use of no less than FOUR adjectives before the word knob)

Acrylic Ameba Knob 
(new nickname for husband anyone?)

I know they're hearts but if you're in a REALLY juvenile mood, they look like cartoon balls don't they?

By this point I was just totally into choosing pretty knobs. This one's my fave.

Knobs jokes were my motivation for this review but I've got to be honest and confess: I actually ADORE knobs! 

Look at how grown up and fancy my £12 IKEA drawers look now: 

Here's a few more knobs I'd like to get my hands on

All the knobs were easy to install. Do you install a knob? Or attach it? Either way, a quick twiddle and a twist of the nuts and it's done. Getting the knobs up was very easy. 

The only thing I would say is that the glass milk cravo round swirl knob is a bit easy to twist off and just like mothers around the country are tell their male toddlers: if you fiddle with it, it WILL fall off.

Apart from that I'm a massive fan of Trinca Ferro and their pretty little knobs! I want them all over my house.

If you win my first ever competition in the history of time (this is kinda a big deal for me!) you get to choose any 6 knobs from the website. How exciting is that?! (possibly more exciting for me than you?)

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning 6 knobs of your choosing is go over to my Facebook page, like it and comment on the knob competition photo, which is pinned to the top of the page.

  Hilarious photo captions most welcome, but if you're not the knob joke kind, any comment will do. 
Winner chosen at random from the comments!

The winner will be  contacted via Facebook with instructions on how to claim their knobs!

Best of luck! 

2boys1mum's first ever competition!!!Like 2boys1mum facebook page and comment on this post for a chance to win 6...
Posted by 2boys1mum on Wednesday, 22 April 2015


  1. I love the names too! The star knob is my favourite. I think that you don't install a knob, you screw in a knob :) x

  2. who doesn't love a good knob any size will do

  3. I've seen alot of knobs in my time and most weren't up to the job, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on these though ;)

  4. These are quite the most splendid knobs I have ever come across (snigger). Right off to Facebook.....I'd love to get my hands on six new knobs!