12 September 2015

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Mighty Colossus Review

Pirates are a pretty big deal in our house at the moment. 
3rd birthday party: Pirates. 
Best day of the summer holiday: Pirate boat ride (canal boat with pirates on). 
Best ride at Peppa Pig world: Grandpa Pig's Pirate Boats.
Favourite Bedtime Story: Dinosaur Pirates

You get the pirate message. We love pirates. Arrrggh.

My eldest has a Jake and the Neverland Pirates costume which he wore to aforementioned pirate boat trip and sometimes just rocks out in at the park, but we'd never actually watched the show as my poor deprived children don't have access to the Disney Channel. (I know, someone call the social)

Anyway, I kid you not, the first time we watched it was 3 weeks ago at my Mum's house and during the show I got an email asking me to review this giant Jake and the Neverland Pirates Pirate Ship. DURING! I'm serious. I mean I think Disney might be stalking me. It was like one of those trippy google ads that know you want a new washing machine the same day your old one breaks, but taken to another level. 

Sooo... I said yes. OBVS. And here it is...

Jake's Mighty Colossus High Seas Adventure - The Review

They couldn't take their hands off it for a picture!


It's a pretty big plastic pirate ship with a few "interactive" features, a cannon and 2 figurines. One is Jake, who has moveable arms and a static legs but he twists at the waist (this function was used to make him "dance with the baddy" in my house) and one of his hands clips onto the boat's rigging which is fun for making him climb and look awesome.

The other figurine is less fun, it's the baddy, Lord Fathom, who is a mermaid type thing but his arms don't do anything fun and he has no legs (cos he's a mermaid remember?). Lord Fathom wasn't a character the boys knew so he is just called "baddy mermaid" from here on in. He's good for knocking over, throwing into the sea, generally abusing using coconuts and putting in the on-board prison. I personally don't think the figurine of Lord Fathom is all that great  but when asked 
What's your favourite thing about the Jake pirate toy ship?
My son pondered all the facets of the toy for a few moments before replying
My favourite thing is the baddy mermaid's hair.
So there you have it, the single BEST thing about this whole playset, the baddy mermaid hair:

I think MY favourite thing is the cannon that actually 'shoots' plastic coconuts on sticks. This is obviously super fun because who doesn't love making things fly? I'm fairly anti-weapon as a parent but this whole pirate obsession is testing that with swords and cannons and the like, so I was at least happy they were coconuts and not cannon balls! We used them to "bop the baddy on the head" or "knock him into the water" because I'll be damned if my babies start banging on about killing people's heads off before they even start school. (Yes I know, I'm living on cloud cuckoo land, but just let me stay here a FEW months longer? Please?) When the kids weren't looking I used it to fire coconuts at my husband's head while he watched YouTube.

The ship also has a catapult which fires more coconuts, and more enjoyably you can put Jake or the baddy mermaid on it and launch them into the sea.  It opens up on one side, there are 3 levels to play on, sliding trap doors, a hidden 'plank' to walk and a little jail in the bottom to lock up the baddy. When closed, the boat is quite narrow so it lives next to the wall in our 'play room' (the living room) and doesn't get in the way TOO much. [Having said that, once the initial excitement wears off I MIGHT just be moving it to live at Granny's house where there's more room for giant pirate ships.]

From the top: a trap door, a secret door, the prison and the 'hidden treasure'.

Toddler reaction:

The boys went totally beserk for it. I mean, they were both enthralled for like, 40 actual minutes. 40 minutes is a LONG time for a 3 year old and a 1 year old to be focussed and engaged in a toy. I've never seen anything like it. And they still love it. We've had it about 10 days now and it's been played with enthusiastically every day.

Despite being aimed at 3 years + (aren't all fun toys aged at over 3 year olds?) my 20 month old has had so much fun with it. He likes walking the characters around the boat, making them jump off the side and saying "plash" and most of all, making Jake slide down the rigging into the boat. (With the running commentary "Sliiiide! House! Sliiiiide! House!".)

The 3 year old plays more imaginatively with it and has acted out some really intricate little stories with Jake and the baddy and 'sailed the seven seas' moving the boat (it's on wheels) from the sofa to the coffee table as they search for treasure on different 'treasure islands'.

Sharing! They're ACTUALLY sharing!

Parental reaction:

I loved that they loved it so much and that it was big enough for them to play with at the same time (although an extra Jake and an extra baddy mermaid wouldn't go amiss!). It's quite tall so works well for the little one to stand up and play with, while the bigger boy can lie or sit on the floor and play comfortably for a long time. When standing next to it I was glad my littler boy is rock-steady on his feet because it's just at that height that he might be tempted to use it to get his balance and then topple it over.

It's big, but as I said nice and narrow so you could fit it on a shelf (if you have one tall enough) or down the side of the sofa for example. However, in terms of small loseable bits of plastic... Those bloody coconuts have been lost more times than I can count! I have also lost Jake repeatedly, and somehow, by some weird witchcraft, we've lost the ladder. It's a rigid plastic rope ladder the length of a piece of A4... So if I can lose that, I can lose anything and actually maybe you should ignore my lose-ability rating!

The only other thing that bugs me about the ship is the sail, it moves around the mast a bit, but in general all it does is get in the way of their play. I tried to ditch it but the 3 year old thinks it doesn't look piratey enough without a sail so it's a constant bugbear.

Sail and lost coconuts aside, I really rate this toy. It's provided hours of amusement and is very shareable due to its size and the number of different features and ways to play. I'd definitely recommend it to a small pirate fan or 2!

Dwarfing our old pirate ship toy! And with the ladder already missing!

If you'd like to see the boys playing with the ship, demonstrating the slide action and (ADORABLY) cuddling the entire boat, here's a little clip I made...

Thanks for reading my review, as previously mentioned, I was sent this toy for the purposes of the review but all words, pictures and opinions are my own.


  1. My son is jake and the never land pirate obsessed he is only one but it's the only thing he watches and he shouts yo ho ho. Even my two year old daughter is a huge fan so they would love this . It looks huge and like lots of fun Xx

  2. Aw so cute! My boys never stop shouting "ahoy me hearties"!! 😂