11 September 2015


Last night my cousin in law (that's a thing right?) sent me a message with a link to this petition. Asking people to Save CBeebies. Use your blog to save CBeebies she implored...

Save CBeebies?! I scoffed. AS IF the BBC would axe the most amazing, life-saving channel that 90% of British kids live their lives alongside. 

But she showed me this article and it turns out it MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN!


So obviously it would be pure insanity to just axe the whole channel but there IS talk of putting it all in an online player. 

So, as requested, here's 5 bloody good reasons we shouldn't turn CBeebies into an online player.

1. The Presenters

The very lifeblood of CBeebies! Where will Cat, Cerrie, Katie, Alex, and Andy find work?
Especially Andy, I mean there just isn't that much Fatima Whitbread Lookalike work around these days.
No really though, I can't be the only person who feels genuine affection for Alex dressing up as a fairy on New Year's Eve last year? (I even tweeted him to say he was awesome and he tweeted back!)
I would actually, like, really miss those lovely/awkward/meaningful/silly interludes between shows. There's something souless about the idea of watching back to back repeats without any of those bantersaurus rexes.

2. The Songs

I mean obviously I'm talking here about the Lunchtime Song and the Bedtime Song but you can't tell me you wouldn't miss those adorable Seasons Songs?! It's September and I've still got "whooaa,it's the springtime, whooooa feel the sunshine" stuck in my head! God I love those songs! Where would they feature in an online player? Hmm?!

Ditto the Birthday Card section! How on EARTH could they axe the Birthday Card section?! I remember the thrill of seeing a relative's birthday card shown in the Broom Cupboard 25 years ago, You can't really deny future generations of children those kinds of memories! it's a British institution! 

3. The Solidarity.

Anyone who uses Twitter and has small kids has tweeted a message of disgust/boredom/frustration about what's on CBeebies at 6am. 
If we're all watching different things how are we going to bitch about how useless Postman Pat was at delivering that cow?! or discuss how in some episodes of Show Me Show Me, Pui looks like she's lost her zest for life?? It takes a village people, even if that village is 30 odd strangers on Twitter. moaning about the telly.

4. The Variety

There are a lot of lessons to learn from CBeebies:

- Special Delivery doesn't mean an idiot postman won't drop your parcel off a cliff
- Some sharks eat algae (Thanks to Captain Barnacles for that gem)
- You can just rip peppers apart instead of chopping them (who knew?!)
- It's bad to hide toys in the toilet (Cheers Bing)

But one of the biggest life lessons of them all comes from the fact my kids don't like the Numberjacks (who would?) and sometimes, you have to sit through some shit before something awesome comes along (Like Let's Play). Sitting through numberjacks is character building.

If it becomes an online player it'll be wall to wall Gigglebiz (child 1) and In The Night Garden (child 2) in my house. Because toddlers hate variety. But parents love it! My kids quite like an episode of Twirlywoos now and again but given the ultimate power to choose at any time what they want to watch, I fear we'd never see Great Big Hoo again. *sob*.

5. The Schedule

In the early days, with 2 under 2, my days were long, monotonous and many of them were frankly painful. The only proof that time was passing were the milestones announced by CBeebies: the Lunchtime Story meant you'd got through half the day, and good lord did I feel a sweet, sweet relief when the Bedtime Story came on.

New mums need CBeebies like they need a hug and someone to make them a cup of tea. Don't take it away!


  1. Hilarious! Remember 1 thing: whatever they replace it with could be even better....and start earlier....and be on for longer....with better programmes. Oooh, now do you want to save it?

  2. They really can't axe CBeebies!! Love this post x

  3. Bloody hilarious. I would miss the seasons song too. But my kids are all about Netflix these days. Traitors.

  4. I've been parenting since before CBeebies was even a thing. It can be done. Honest. :-D

  5. Also, for my little brother, In the Night Garden = Bedtime. He would be SO upset if they removed it...

  6. It cannot happen. Amy for BBC Head of Programming! Hilarious. xx