2 November 2015

Happy Book Review

Y'know that song? Happy, by Pharrell Williams? Of COURSE you do. Even my Mum knows it. It's a brilliant song, and now it's been made into a book. 

Say what?! You can't make a song into a book. That's like making a TV show into a shoe. It just doesn't work. 

Well that's what I thought when the nice people who publish the book asked me to review it. It sounds too weird to work. 

I've read the book now, and umm, I still think that! 

The lovely folk at Penguin sent me a copy of the book and an amazing bundle of Happy treats so we could have a Happy party and generally get in the Happy mood! 

Our party pack arrived on a wet Tuesday afternoon and it made us all so Happy! The boys got hats to wear and party noise-blowing things, which are now their favourite toys (thanks for that by the way... I just LOVE the honking noise of a party blower at 7am!)

We had biscuits and squash and danced around my Mum's living room, much like a lot of our afternoons really! They love dressing up and dancing about! And then we lit the indoor sparklers which got real life "oohs" and "aahs". It was a lovely afternoon but sadly, the book didn't fill me with the same happiness as a Tuesday afternoon party with my boys!

When I heard about the Pharrell book, I wasn't sure what to expect. A book about happiness and things that make us all Happy, with some links to the song maybe? I certainly didn't think it would be this... 

It's a series of photos of happy kids and the only words are the lyrics of the song. 

It's like a cross between the Boden catalogue, and that bit you used to get inside CDs with the lyrics on.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Boden catalogue, I love to see cute kids dressed nicely.... but my kids don't read the Boden catalogue and the pictures didn't really appeal to them. We did have a nice little chat about the pictures but the book just didn't hold their attention.

It's pretty hard to read the lyrics of a popular American song if you're a middle class white British mum. It's downright hilarious to listen to your children's Granny try to read it. 

Just for fun (it IS fun) imagine your mother reading these words to your children:

"Happy! Bring me down, can't nothing. Happy! Bring me down, my level's too high"

I mean, I just can't even. What?

Is it just me, or does this child look like she might cry?

I'm sorry Pharrell. I love the song, I love the idea of a book about happiness, but I just couldn't get past the weirdness of reading song lyrics aloud. 

If you're a massive Pharrell fan or are cool enough to read american song lyrics out loud to your kids, you can buy the book here!
I'd like to thank Penguin for sending us this book to review and the lovely party supplies which made us all very happy indeed! 

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