23 November 2015

Peppa's Christmas Post Tour

Here it is, my first post mentioning CHRISTMAAAS! (Believe me, I've been thinking about the C word since before Halloween so you should be grateful I waited until the end of November to get festive!)

To celebrate the beautiful new book Peppa's Post, Ladybird books have asked me to kick off Peppa's Christmas Post Blog Tour. Peppa's Post is a modern day version of my childhood favourite The Jolly Postman, in which the story is told with real letters, which you take out of envelopes in the book. My little boy loved the novelty of this and had a real look of awe and wonder on his face as we opened each little letter. (There's a chance to win a copy of the book on my Facebook page!)

Following the theme of 'post' from the book, I'm linking up with four top bloggers (way out of my league!) to spread a little Christmas cheer with a series of festive letters. I'm starting us off by writing to Jocelyn at The Reading Residence who will write to Anna at In the Playroom, who will write to Clare at Emmy's Mummy who will write to Kara at Chelsea Mamma who will write back to me! Keep an eye out for all their letters too!

Dear Jocelyn,

Happy Christmas! If you're anything like me you will be already geared up for Christmas despite it not yet being December!

This year I will have a 2 and 3 year old for Christmas, so (as you can imagine) I've had my fair share of baby Christmasses recently and I'm over the moon to have both children understand the occasion for the first time this year. Not to mention my first Christmas in 4 years in which I haven't been pregnant or breastfeeding!! HELLO EGGNOG! 

This year my mum has sewn these beautiful advent stockings which I will be hanging somewhere at least 5 feet off the ground to keep them safe from greedy toddler fingers! 

I'm all for filling them up with chocolate for the entire month of December but my husband is more sensible so I've opted for alternate chocolate/non chocolate treats inside the stockings. On non-chocolate days there will be a little figure from the Happy Land Nativity set.

We are not religious but I think it's still important to know the real Christmas story, and we have been reading this book to get to grips with the story in a really simple way. I can't wait to see them acting out the nativity with their little toys... Especially when it comes to my littlest who tends to get mixed up with "baby Jake" and "baby Jebuz"! We will be reading Christmas books every day from now until the middle of January most likely!

The other thing I'm looking forward to this year, (just like Peppa!) is the pantomime. We love going to the theatre with the boys and this year we are going en masse with all their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. I just hope the small one makes it through the whole show this year, last year he was too little and got bored after 20 minutes!

Christmas is a special time for the little one especially as his birthday is the 23rd December. This year he will be 2, but I couldn't talk about Christmas without showing you a picture from his first Christmas. We brought him home at midnight on Christmas Eve and in the morning put him in the moses basket surrounded by presents for his brand new Big Brother to find. I can't even think about how amazing that was without welling up!

2 days post birth, this photo took some editing to make me look even vaguely human!!

Wishing all the Readings a very merry Christmas! I look forward to hearing about your family's Christmas, and those of all the other bloggers in the Peppa's Christmas Post Tour!

Lots of love and festive cheer,

Amy and the boys!

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  1. Ah, thanks for my lovely letter! So many things to look forward to this year, and it is lovely when they're that little bit older and can make more sense of it all. Hope you have a great Christmas x