2 December 2015

How to have a baby and not lose your shit: review

When I was breastfeeding my second baby in the middle of the night, all night for several years (ok months) I used to read blogs to keep me from crying.

One of my favourite blogs was EehBahMum. I followed her on twitter (I was brand new to Twitter and I can actually remember her following me back- I told my husband!) and used to read her blog avidly. Anyway, as that newborn approaches his 2nd birthday, I don't have to read her blog so much anymore because I don't breastfeed all night and because I'm very pleased to say that Kirsty is now my actual friend. Like in real life. She bought me macaroons once because I was sad. 

She's like one of those friends who you love and admire but totally hate because she's successful and thin and can pull off leopard skin prints without looking mental. Most of all because she's just had an ACTUAL BOOK published. 

*all the sighs of jealousy*

Annoyingly it's a lovely, funny, refreshing book. I absolutely promise you I'm not just saying this: It's hands down the most supportive and reassuring baby book I've ever read. 
[cut the quote there Kirsty, before I reveal that it's the only baby book I've ever read]

In the intro, Kirsty tells us that the book is not here to tell us what to do, but that she's here "to hold your hand and tell you it's all going to be ok". In reality, when faced with a new mum, Kirsty Smith would probably hold your hand, buy you a bit of cake and make a joke about your hair looking shit. In a reassuring way.

In life, and in this book, Kirsty has the perfect balance of being supportive and taking the piss out of you (and herself). Let's face it, you'd rather go down the pub (or to play group) with someone irreverent and funny than someone who knows it all and proffers their advice from on high. I'd rather read this book than ANY book by someone who is so smug they think they can "help" you. 

I particularly enjoyed the motivational gems such as:

"One day you will be able to push a pram laden down with bottles of wine with one hand whilst carrying a hot coffee in the other and not even swearing"
(It's true! I can now push a DOUBLE buggy  across a cafe balancing a tray of coffee, juices and biscuits AND carrying a squirming two year old*)

* I can't. But I can strap the two year old into the buggy using reasonable force and my knee.

As well as the snorting tea out of your nose funny bits (I just coughed up a lung after reading about her doing a crab impression all the way round the supermarket) Kirsty handles some actually quite tricky subjects like miscarriage and loneliness with a gentle humour and sensitivity.

Also it's quite a nice small book. You could totally read it while breastfeeding. Here, I'll demonstrate...

Basically I cried when I read this book because it's lovely. Like getting a big hug off a great friend who is saying "don't worry mate, shall we eat pizza and watch Mean Girls?" (Replace with your own favourite film/ takeaway food as necessary).

I read "How to have a baby and not lose your shit" because Kirsty has been banging on about it for so long and she asked me to, but it's so much better than I expected. I actually think that every new mum should get a copy.  

I urge you to buy this for your friends who are having babies. It will keep them sane and spread the bizarrely unspoken truth that having babies is mental and hard and hilarious in equal measure. 

Buy it on Amazon. Buy ten copies and hand them out to mums in the park who look like they need a hug. 

[Note that she's not paying me for this review (wish she would)]

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