12 May 2016

My Birthday Wishlist

Not that anyone's asking but if money were no issue, here's what this soon to be mum of three would like for her 30th birthday:

A plasterer. 

A full time plasterer who would come and plaster all the unfinished walls in my house and redo all the destroyed ceilings!

A car fit for a mother of three.

One with three wiiide spaces in the back and a boot to house two bikes two scooters (because toddlers are fickle beasts) a double buggy and a week's shopping. With good fuel economy. Is that too much to ask?!

That bag:

It's called the Elwood Backpack from Tiba and Marl. My friend Steph has this bag in black. I've coveted it like I've coveted her fringe since the day we met. Now it's in Silver I double want it!

Peelable nail varnish:

Nurses aren't allowed to wear nail varnish to work and even on my (very) part time basis, if I paint my nails I ALWAYS end up at 5am desperately searching for remover in a panic. The nail varnish from Little Ondine is a grown up version of the peel-off nail varnish I used to have when I was 4. I want it in pretty summery colours. 

Three pairs of sunglasses

Sunglasses are like socks in my house, no matter how hard I try to keep track of them they simply disappear. Maybe if I had three pairs I could simplify the process by giving one pair to my husband for him to wear once and leave on a train and hand another pair over to the boys to destroy in an instant and I might be able to keep hold of the third pair?

A maid.

I'm not a big fan of any housework but there are some jobs I despise doing. My imaginary maid would change all the sheets wash them and dry them. She (or he) would also clean the kitchen and bathroom floors and keep the toys in the correct boxes. 

A night in a hotel.

Any hotel. Any location. Just a hotel. Not even necessarily with my husband. I just want to sleep there, read a book in a quiet room, maybe wander around in a dressing gown without anybody asking or trying to prod my boobs or poke my bum (the boys do that - not my husband!). Oh and eat the tiny croissants and pour mini orange juices at the breakfast buffet.

Some maternity clothes. 

As fun as it is to walk around all day with my jeans undone, I just get a feeling I might be more comfortable in actual clothes designed for pregnant people.
I'm pretty sure even I would look all glowing and 'blooming' in this dress from Tiffany Rose

That t-shirt

Yes it is ok to have multiple items from Selfish Mother because they are so comfy and the whole charity thing makes it totally fine to wear basically the same clothes in different colours every day. 

Paper Dolls

I have wanted one of these lovely portraits since I met the artist at a preschool committee meeting last year. She draws them from photos and they are just so beautiful. I often scrawl through my phone looking for suitable photos and think this one would be perfect...

My honeymoon perfume

I last bought perfume on my honeymoon in Dublin, where I treated myself to this. It's just run out this week (near enough 5 years to the day since I bought it!) So in theory another bottle will keep me going until I'm 35! (Ohhh 35! when I'm 35 I will have NO babies and wear perfume and grown up clothes EVERY DAY!)

A holiday

I have 2 dream holidays (any holiday is a dream holiday at the moment but these 2 would be the absolute best)
A) a week in Copenhagen (with the kids) 
B) 2 weeks in Thailand (withOUT the kids)

Well a girl can dream eh?

Back to reality I'm throwing my own birthday party (with a bouncy castle and a HOG ROAST) and my husband is really pushing the boat out for this milestone birthday by offering to take me to Nandos and the cinema in the exotic location of Reading. 

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