3 May 2016

Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play Jungle Quest Review

We are huge fans of Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play train sets, so were absolutely delighted to be asked to review the new Jungle Quest Playset as part of #TeamThomasUK. 

In a brief moment of good parenting, I had the bright idea to build the playset while the boys were in bed. I'm glad I did because it comes in a lot of little parts and although the instructions were easy enough to follow, a pair or two pairs of toddler hands would NOT have been a helpful addition to the process.

The Jungle Quest Thomas and Friends playset is the most complex set we own, with a 'lift' action and 2 different track options as well as the 2 year old's favourite bit, a big old ramp! While he enjoyed repeatedly rolling Percy down the track (Percy doesn't come with the set, but is the 2 year old's favourite!) his older brother enjoyed making Thomas chase the emeralds...

The box says "An exciting adventure with three layers of play brings Thomas face-to-fearsome face with the gorilla! As Thomas reaches the top, the emeralds drop into the gorilla's clutching hand. Can Thomas retrieve the emeralds and escape the chomping gorilla?"

My three year old spent ages playing this little story out. He loved the way the emeralds got to the bottom just at the right time to attach them to Thomas as he came 'through the gate'. 

"Yay! Thomas got the jewels!" (AGAIN!)

While this emerald chasing scenario was a little complex for the 2 year old, the playset was still great for him. He easily got to grips with putting Thomas (or Percy!) into the 'lifts' and closing the little gates to keep them there and loved cranking the lifts up using the red handle.

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This playset is a great addition to our other take-n-play tracks and play sets and is such a quick easy toy to get out. Once it's built it stays together (folds up for storage) so you have an instant train track with no effort! I love these toys and know the boys will be playing with them for years to come. 

If you love Thomas as much as we do, look out for the new Thomas and Friends movie The Great Race coming to cinemas at the end of this month! Have a look at the Thomas and Friends facebook page for fun activities leading up to the film's release. 

We were sent this play set for the purposes of this review. All opinions my own. 

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  1. You're really patient to wait until they're in bed before putting it together. I usually do it the moment we get a toy and end up half laughing/crying as bits and pieces are being taken out of the room. That's so sweet how much they enjoyed it though, my son would be obsessed! x