30 June 2016

5 of the best picture books of 2016 (so far!)

We've been reading so much recently. The boys literarily love story time before bed (get it?). They've been so keen to read that we might have started skipping bath time in favour of longer story time. Sometimes...Yes, ok, we prioritise literacy over cleanliness in our house, what of it??

Despite the gazillions of books in their room, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of reading the same old stories night after night so if you're in need of a few new books to keep your interest at bedtime, let me recommend my top 5 new children's books to have been released this year...

Goodnight Spaceman
by Michelle Robinson and Nick East

This is a lovely bedtime story about two little boys with an astronaut Daddy. My boys love the pictures of their space-themed bedroom especially. I love the tone of the book, it's got enough of an exciting plot to capture their tired little brains but is gentle and calm enough for a peaceful quiet bedtime read. For an added bonus we saw Tim (actual spaceman) Peake reading it on the CBeebies Bedtime Stories programme (you can probably find it on YouTube!).

By Sam Usher

This is another lovely gentle story about a boy who just wants to go out and play in the rain but has to wait for his Grandfather to be ready. The story is sweet and enjoyable but it's the pictures that make this book. Every page is absolutely stunning. My boys love looking at this book even by themselves and especially love the double page spread where the whole picture is upside down (because it's a reflection in a puddle). It's just beautiful. 

The Bumblebear
by Nadia Shireen

This is a big favourite at the moment and always raises a giggle. I like to think that's partly due to my hilarious "Queen Bee" voice but it's clearly down to the writing and the images. Norman is a bear who loves honey and sneaks himself into Bee School... I won't spoil the ending but it's as silly as it sounds and the boys adore it. We've never read anything by Nadia Shireen before but will definitely be buying more as it's been such a hit! (This one is my husband's favourite).

Odd Bods
By Steven Butler and Jarvis

An A-Z book about kids who are odd, this is my favourite of the lot. It's a nice quick read, but the boys always eek it out for as long as they can, asking questions about the children in the book, pointing out the quirky details in the pictures and giggling at the silliness.

Pip and Posy - The New Friend
By Axel Scheffler

There was a time when I'd be excited by the new season of Greys Anatomy or the release of a big blockbuster.. These days the most excited I've been about something new coming out is this book. We've been huge Pip and Posy fans for what feels like a lifetime (I guess it is the 2 year old's entire life time, so it was a big day indeed when a NEW book came out! The New Friend is everything you'd expect from Scheffler and we all love it. I'd say it's gone in above The Little Puddle and The Scary Monster but below the Snowy Day and Bedtime Frog (which, for the record nothing will ever beat).

If you're looking for more inspiration for books you can't go wrong with Pom Pom and Where Bear or one of these piratey picture books.

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