3 August 2016

Rockin Baby Summer Collection Review

Having been recently livid somewhat disappointed when my husband 'took the initiative' to buy some new clothes for the boys and ended up with a load of oversized, poorly made, cheap looking garments in their wardrobe, I was thrilled to be offered the chance to review some Rockin Baby clothes from their Summer collection.

I had never heard of Rockin Baby but now I can barely get off the website! The clothes are lovely, great quality and fit so nicely. 

As you can see, my boys are very similar in size, so they share a whole wardrobe and don't have many matching items. Its lovely for them to be matching in these Hello Sailor tees. They love the whale with a boat for a hat and I love the embroidered Rockin Baby star on the sleeve. I prefer t-shirts a little less 'busy', and there are lots of other simpler designs in the Summer Collection, but I love the colour of this one and think the boys look lovely in it!

The chinos were a big surprise for me. My boys are boisterous, adventurous little things who run, jump, climb and crawl all over the place, so I usually dress them in shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms for comfort and so their clothes don't restrict their play. They do own other chinos but they're made of stiff fabric and I tend to save them for parties or weddings. Our new Chester Chinos from Rockin Baby have changed my mind entirely! They're soft, stretchy and not at all restrictive, but still look as smart as their 'party clothes' trousers. I love these chinos so much I'm going to buy them in more colours!

As well as being comfy and looking super cute, the trousers are a great fit on both boys. My 4 year old is a skinny little dude and the adjustable waistband means he doesn't need to wear a belt with these (aged 4-5) and they fit beautifully. He is only just 4, so they're a little long in the leg, but that's a great thing as I know they'll last him through the next growth spurt!

My 2 year old is a tall, broad, chunky little guy so usually wears age 3-4. These chinos fit him perfectly in age 2-3 so they get a huge thumbs up from me!

Every time you buy something from Rockin Baby they give an item of clothing to a child in need in countries across the world, so you can feel good that your kids look awesome AND a child less fortunate than your own is getting something to wear too.

Can't wait to review more clothes, if only to get to see these crackin poses again!!

We were sent these clothes for the purposes of this review but my opinions are honest and I will genuinely be ordering Rockin Baby clothes for the boys again!

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