1 September 2016

The letter I wish I could write to my baby's first teacher

Dear Mrs T,

Please look after my baby. You know he's a baby still don't you? He might seem grown up and boisterous but really, he's a very sensitive soul.

(Conversely, if he seems like a timid little mouse, please know that he's a fun, outgoing, boisterous boy too... don't write him off as a shy kid!)

Please make sure he loves school, his entire education kind of depends on the spark you ignite in him this year. No pressure. 

Please be on high alert to any signs of emotional distress so he doesn't develop school-phobia. 

Please don't let other children laugh at him or leave him out of their games. 

Please give him a cuddle if he needs one.

Please offer to clean his glasses if they look so grubby he can't see through them. (Oh and tell him he looks smart in them, they're new!)

Please show him where the toilets are and tell him repeatedly that he's allowed to ask to go whenever he needs to. 

Please listen to him even if he doesn't shout the loudest.

Please don't let anybody tell him boys don't cry. 

Please make sure he eats his lunch. Neither you or I want to deal with him when he's tired and hungry.

Please tell him that you don't like guns or weapons either. I've been telling him for months, but maybe your disapproval will be more powerful.

Please accept my apology that he will bore you to death talking about superheroes and baddies. I promise that he enjoys other activities, if only he can be encouraged to stop running for long enough. He loves building things, gardening, making music, reading, putting on shows and playing with dolls.

Please don't think that I haven't taught him to speak properly. He knows that water has a "t" in it and that twenty isn't pronounced "twenny", but enjoys missing out the "t"s to get a reaction. 

Please never mention it if he tells you embarrassing things about me. Like that my poo smells. Or that my bottom is wobbly. 

Please don't believe him when he tells you that Daddy pushes his little brother off the swings at the park: it was one time and it was an accident! 

Please gently tell him when his joke isn't funny anymore. If you don't he'll repeat it for several hours. 

Please put him back together with kind words when he feels all the feels over getting something wrong. 

Please let me know if he's left or right handed, I can't work it out.

Please tell me how I'm supposed to "sound it out" when he wants to read the word the. It doesn't sound like t-h-e. Actually also the same for practically all the words

Please don't judge me by his creased clothing. I'm an excellent mum, I just don't iron. I made that choice a long time ago and I'm not about to start now. 

Also if he's late once in a while, or I forget a form, or if he still has yesterday's felt tip pen marks on his arms sometimes, or has weetabix on his shorts... Please cut me some slack. I will do my best but I'm new to this, I'm about to have a baby and I have a 2 year old at home too.

Most of all, please notice him. He's amazing, he's kind and funny and thoughtful and curious and energetic and brilliant... but I'm worried he won't stand out in a sea of other children. He won't be the loudest or the naughtiest or the clingiest or the cleverest. If he blends in to the background, please put in the extra effort to get to know him, I'm pretty sure you'll love him. 

Yours neurotically,

That pregnant mum with the kid with the glasses


  1. Aww! This is so sweet....I think we all think those things when our little one's start school. I know I did. It is such a worry! I hope everything goes well x

  2. This brought a tear to my eye, I would so write this out and slip it in his teacher's pocket! I need to send you a virtual high five on the ironing (I refuse to iron unless its a REALLY special occasion) I also taught my daughter years ago to embrace the odd socks because I just can't deal.
    I hope your son has had a fabulous first day of school! I'm about to head home and find out how my daughter's went!