21 September 2016

Ed Vere's Max the Cat Series

These Max books by Ed Vere are my latest must-read recommendation!

I was a little late to the Ed Vere party, but now I'm hooked. The first two Max books came out last year but after winning a copy of Max at Night in a twitter competition a few months ago I had to get hold of the other two and I wasn't disappointed (the lovely people at Penguin sent me them to review and will give one lucky reader a set of all three books! See below for details). 

I won't give away the stories because it's as fun for the grown ups reading new picture books as the kids. Actually, is it bad that I'm so into kids books that I'm concerned about spoilers? Maybe I need to get into Game of Thrones after all. 

Anyway, without spoilers I can tell you that Max at Night is about Max going to bed at night, Max and Bird is about Max becoming friends with a bird and Max the Brave is about Max being brave and chasing a 'mouse'.

All three are just right for bedtime, in fact we often read all three. The illustrations are simple but have so much character. They're the kind of pictures that make me think "wow! these pictures are so simple but so effective... I could probably write and illustrate my own children's books!" Except I'm wrong in so many ways... 

This is how it worked out when I followed Ed Vere's simple instructions to draw Max and Bird for myself (you can have a go too!)

So Ed, and illustrators everywhere... please accept my humble apologies for all the times I thought I could do your jobs. I think this has finally put that fantasy to bed once and for all. 

As well as nailing the pictures, Ed manages to get actual humour into a few words which make the stories as enjoyable for the adults reading as for the children. There are some books that the boys love and I think "what the?!" because they're dull, but I breathe a sigh of relief when they choose a Max the cat book.

Enter the competition below for a chance to win all three books! Good Luck!

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  1. my girls would love these! thank you for hosting <3 fingers crossed