22 September 2016

Go Jetters Toys Review

Do you sing Ubercorn's "funky facts" song in your sleep?

Do you know where the Segovia Aquaduct is thanks to 4 cartoon explorers?

Do you shout "GeoGRAPHIC" when something is awesome?

Yeah me too! We've got Go Jetters Fever in our house, and we've got it bad.

Sure, we liked the Go Jetters before we were sent these amazing Go Jetters Toys to review, but now? Now we are obsessed (and I include myself in that). The boys and I have had so much fun with these toys and they (and the programmes) have really sparked an interest in travel and geography with my new school boy.

Just so you know he's planning on visiting the Northern Lights next year and swimming in the Dead Sea when he's "about 7 or 8 because it will cost a lot of money to get there". Don't get me started on how much he loves the Statue of Liberty!

In case you haven't seen the show (have you been living under a rock or is your Iplayer broken??) it's basically four little people who travel around the world looking at amazing geographical landmarks. Inevitably when they get there the hilarious moustachioed Grand Master Glitch is there causing some kind of havoc and they have to save the day. Their 'leader' is a funky 70's disco themed unicorn called Ubercorn, who tells them 'funky facts' about the 'place we're at'. Sounds amazing right? It is.

The toys we were sent to review included this musical Ubercorn cuddly toy which sings the Funky Facts song, the Go-Jetters theme song and says cool phrases too. He is a big hit with the boys and only marginally annoying to have around the house (as with all talking/singing toys the potential for a keen toddler to abuse the ability to make repetitive noises and drive you up the wall is high here). The only thing that would make Ubercorn cooler in my eyes is if you could TURN HIM OFF. The boys wanted to take him to bed one night, so I looked inside to see if I could switch a switch to stop him talking or singing in the night but there isn't one so we had to take the batteries out for his sleepover. Now he lives downstairs! Forever.

We also received the Go Jetters Jet Pad, which is their spaceship-like vehicle HQ. (My 4 year old repeatedly informs me it's NOT a spaceship because they don't go into space, they only fly around planet earth, but y'know... it is like a spaceship.)

The Jet Pad comes with a ladder and a slide, one Go-Jetter (it's Kyan if you're interested) and 2 click-ons for Kyan (which for the uninitiated means cool gadgety things: he has G.O. Boots and a G.O. Grab Arm)

My favourite bit of the Jet Pad is the projector (yes a real projector!) which shines images of different landmarks onto the back of the Jet Pad. Or if it's closed the projector shines onto the floor or the wall as you "fly" around. It also makes a range of sounds, one of which is Grand Master Glitch's voice (the boys like that the best!)

Other Go Jetters are sold separately and each figure comes with a 'click-on'. We have Lars who comes with an ice drill and a little ice sculpture of Glitch, and Foz who comes with a G.O. Mag (big giant magnet - not actually magnetic) and a mini Statue of Liberty. These figures fit perfectly in the Jet Pad, each with their own seat but if you do get the extra figures you'll need somewhere to store all their click-ons as they don't fit inside the Jet-Pad.

The only problem we had with the toys was that one of the figure's arms broke very soon after we opened the packet and the next day a vital piece of the 'click on' broke off too. This was quite disappointing and upset the boys as they were so into playing with the toys. However, we had excellent customer service and received a replacement within 2 working days. We are also the only people to review the toy who experienced a breakage and it hasn't put us off buying more Go-Jetters toys. I've got my eye on a Grand Master Glitch figure next! (I'm thinking the new baby might bring Glitch and possibly Xuli too as "please like me" presents for his or her big brothers).

My boys (aged 2 and 4) have been playing with these toys incessantly for 2 weeks. It's the first set of toys I've seen them stay so engaged with for so long and they both love the whole set. If you've got a Go Jetters fan I would definitely recommend the range of toys.

(You'll be less surprised than my two year old to discover that the talking cuddly toy unicorn doesn't fit inside the Jet Pad!) 

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