8 September 2016

Wicked Uncle Challenge

The gift site Wicked Uncle set us a challenge last month to see if a childless grown up in our lives could use their site with no advice and choose gifts for the boys that they would love.

We set my brother in law and his fiancee Sarah this challenge and it was a huge success. They had £40 to spend on the site and I think they had a lot of fun choosing!

Sarah liked the fact there were lots of unusual toys that you don't see everywhere and a really good selection of non-branded toys. It WAS nice to receive something that didn't have a TV show or film associated with it!

She told me that she liked the wrapping service and was pleased to see non-branded paper to choose from. The boys certainly liked opening the box and seeing beautifully wrapped presents!

Like me (although perhaps not as avidly as me), Sarah is a big believer in letting toys be toys, so she said initially she was slightly put off by the pink for girls and blue for boys selection process. However, she said her annoyance was off set by the fact that many of the toys featured in both the Boy and Girl categories and by the "Girl" graphic at the top of the page being a girl pirate! The categories are the same for both boys and girls too. So you can choose Boys and then Fashion and Style or Girls and then Adventurers, which is great!

So happily, Wicked Uncle have saved themselves from my gender neutral wrath!

Sarah certainly made popular choices with the boys. They got a Ninja costume (which I find frankly scary, but the boys ADORE) and a wooden sword and shield set which they could decorate themselves.

Both boys love the costume, which came with a foam sword and were more than happy to pose for a photo or two for me!

The sword and shield came with a poster to colour in too. I wanted to paint the shield but the boys chose to use felt tip pens! I'm not sure the colours will last, but I suppose we can always paint it at a later date if they feel the urge.

I was really impressed with Wicked Uncle and found it extremely difficult to let Sarah choose. I think I would have gone with something like the ant farm kit or the caterpillar to butterfly kit... which is why I'm boring old Mummy and they are the cool aunt and uncle!

We were given a voucher for £40 to spend on Wicked Uncle for the purposes of this challenge. All opinions are my own (and my soon to be sister in law Sarah's!)

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