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I'm Amy, welcome to my blog. I'm nearly 30, married to a DIY loving, beer brewing geek and mum of 2 boys (duh). I'm also a part time children's nurse in hospital and part time student, attempting to finally finish a masters in children's nursing.

I'm pregnant with our third baby, which is due the same week as my masters deadline! 

I started a blog because my Facebook status updates were getting too long and ranty. Also I was pregnant with my second baby, my husband worked from home and I had a lot more time on my hands than I do now.

I continue to blog mostly as a means of procrastination. Things I'm avoiding doing when I'm writing my blog: aforementioned masters, unpacking from when we moved house a year ago, properly cleaning the house (over and about the illusion of clean) and nagging my husband to do the plastering in our forever unfinished extension

My children are both boys, but I don't go in for all this 'boys will be boys' crap. They are boisterous, gentle, unruly, sensitive, thoughtful, thoughtless, friendly, active, booky, expressive children and are not defined by their penises. I will bite the head off of anyone who tells them that boys don't cry, or to stop 'acting like a girl'. 

They are only 18 months apart, on purpose, and despite this blog documenting the absolute trauma of those insane 6 months with 2 under 2, I actually don't regret it.

Fingers crossed I won't regret adding a third little person to the mix either! 

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!


Boy 1, Me, Boy 2 (eating Tombliboo Unn)

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